Results 10 October 2019v

Brazil - Série A

10 October 2019 - 01:30Santos2-0PalmeirasFT
Match Stats
Shots on target63
76' Carlos Sánchez
73' Willian
70' Carlos Eduardo
64' Felipe Melo
17' Mário Santos Costa
14' Gustavo Vernes
22Éverson Marques Pires
06Gustavo Vernes
28Lucas Verissimo
31Marcos Ricci Lopes
21Diego Evaristo
41Jean Mota
07Carlos Sánchez
27Eduardo Colcenti Antunes
11Mário Santos Costa
39Tailson Pinto Gonçalves (80)
42Jailson dos Santos
06Diogo Barbosa Medonha
13Luan Garcia Teixeira
02Marcos Rocha Aquino
04Vitor Hugo
19Bruno Corsini
07Eduardo Pereira Rodrigues
30Felipe Melo
14Gustavo Furtado Scarpa (61)
10Luiz Adriano (25)
34Joao Silva Martins
26Felipe Aguilar
14Luan Peres Petroni
02Luiz Felipe
04Victor Ferraz Macedo
05Alison Lopes Ferreira
20Jobson Souza Santos
37Lucas Ferreira Venuto (80)
42Wagner Leonardo
09Fernando Uribe
29Yuri Alberto
01Fernando Buttenbender Prass
25Antônio Carlos
03Edu Dracena
26Victor Chuab Zamblauskas
37Carlos Eduardo (25)
17Jean Vanderlei Moreira
20Lucas Araujo Lima
35Matheus Fernandes Siqueira
23Raphael Cavalcante Veiga
05Thiago dos Santos
08José Vivian (61)
09Miguel Borja

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