Results 14 November 2019v

WC Qualifiers - Asia

14 November 2019 - 11:00Maldives1-2PhilippinesFT
93' Naiz Hassan
70' Stephan Schröck
69' John-Patrick Strauß
60' Assadhulla Abdulla
53' Iain Ramsay
31' Ibrahim Aisham
24' Akram Abdul Ghanee
 Akram Abdul Ghanee
 Assadhulla Abdulla (64)
 Ibrahim Aisham (75)
 Mohamed Faisal
 Ali Fasir (64)
 Haisham Hassan
 Ibrahim Mahudhee Hussain
 Hamzath Mohamed
 Hussain Nihaan
 Ahmed Numan
 Hussain Sifaau
 C. de Murga
 M. Hartmann (65)
 P. Reichelt
 Á. Silva
 Neil Etheridge
 Daisuke Sato (58)
 Justin Baas
 Stephan Schröck
 John-Patrick Strauß
 Luke Woodland (71)
 Iain Ramsay
 Ali Ashfaq (64)
 Naiz Hassan (64)
 Tholaal Hassan
 Shareef Hussain
 Mohamed Jailam
 Hassan Nazeem
 Ahmed Rizuwan (75)
 Mohamed Saaif
 Mohamed Samdooh
 Ali Samooh
 Ibrahim Waheed Hassan
 Abdulla Yameen
 A. Aguinaldo
 M. Casambre
 P. Deyto
 C. Dizon (58)
 Y. Galantes
 Á. Guirado (65)
 S. Kane
 E. Mordal
 J. Porteria
 Michael Falkesgaard
 Mike Ott (71)

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